TTH: the TEX to HTML translator

TtH logo TTH translates TEX, the predominant mark-up language for expressing mathematics, into HTML, the language of world-wide-web browsers. It thereby enables mathematical documents to be made available on the web. Document structure, using either the Plain or LaTeX macro packages, is also translated and incorporated in the form of hyperlinks.
TTH is extremely fast and completely portable. It produces more compact, faster viewing, web documents than other converters, because it really translates the equations, instead of converting them to images. For example:

arcsin x = 1

√(1 − x2)
TTH is free. Please follow these links for more information.
TTH in action: examples. TTH distribution: download TTH.

TTH manual: parts produced by TTH or complete, translated by TTin real time. TtM:  TeX to MathML translation.

TtHfunc: Function Callable Version for integrating into other executables.

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