TtHfunc: A function callable TtH

TtHfunc is a callable version of the TtH translator that can be compiled into other programs, thus forming a completely integrated part of an application.
The regular TtH program is built as a filter, so that it can be used with scripts and pipes to cooperate with other applications in an integrated way. Sometimes, however, it may be more convenient to link the TeX to HTML translator directly into the executable of a more elaborate application. TtHfunc allows a programmer to do this.
The capabilities of TtHfunc are essentially those of TtHgold, but instead of reading an input stream and writing HTML to an output stream, TtHfunc accepts a TeX string argument and writes the HTML back to an HTML string argument. The predominant use is probably to translate small sections of TeX, such as single equations, within larger documents. However, TtHfunc is set up to translate longer TeX documents broken into chunks, remembering its state between calls. A version, TtMfunc, is also available, which outputs MathML for equations.

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