Why believe what science has disproved?

A week ago I was in Bethel, Connecticut, at a big non-denominational church there: Walnut Hill Community Church.
They are in the midst of a sermon series called “the big Why”, one of which was on science and Christianity. Rather than give a lecture or sermon, Victoria Kowarick, the pastor responsible for that topic, who is a friend of mine from the Board of Vision New England, decided to interview me. Since their church has four campuses, we could not be at all the services so they pre-recorded an interview to be shown at those we could not attend. It was pretty similar to the way things went with the live interview.

Victoria was a good interviewer, raising important questions. And the large congregations seemed very appreciative. Evangelicals have a bad reputation concerning their suspicion of science, and sometimes it is partly deserved, but this church showed an open-hearted interest in the topic. Most probably that is because they feel more comfortable hearing about science from someone they know shares their fundamental commitments, as well as having serious scientific credentials. I would not have chosen their title “Why believe what science has disproved?” although it does portray one misguided way of phrasing science-faith interaction. See what you think!

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