Fort Lauderdale Florida Event

This weekend saw me with my wife, Fran, in Fort Lauderdale Florida, for the first event of a new series called Veritas et Vino. This event, organized by Rose Ann Lovell, and billed as Happy Thinking Hour, aims to engage people from all walks of life in conversations about the big questions of life. In addition to a talk from me entitled “Can a scientist believe in miracles?” there was a time of lively questions from the audience of 200 people. This was bracketed by times of relaxed conversation among all the participants accompanied by a classical trio, while delicious hors d’ouvres and — you guessed it — wine were served.
You might gain an impression from this photo gallery from Veritas et Vino.

The weather was wonderful and we spent a couple more days enjoying a break from 20 degree Boston temperatures, and getting to know a remarkable group of Floridians.

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