Web-reading guidance

These lectures are formatted in HTML, the original language of the World Wide Web. However, because of the extensive mathematical content, they need to display equations. To do so, the version that is contained in URLs ending .xml uses the MathML mark-up language which must be embedded in XML. You get to that version through this link XML version.
Rendering that content requires a modern browser such as Firefox, which understands MathML. If the equations are rendered incorrectly for you, that almost certainly does not mean the content served is incorrect, it means your web browser is incapable of rendering it correctly. An alternative version is available, which defective browsers may find easier to render. View it by changing the file extension in your URL to .html. Or else go to this link HTML version.
Naturally the lectures, each of which corresponds to a chapter, can be explored through the hyperlinks in the table of contents. You can adjust the overall font size of your browser's rendering for the most comfortable reading (ctrl+ or ctrl- in Firefox).
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